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Manage your digital supply chain, generate sales reports, analyze revenues and daily consumption with an interface that’s easy to use and understand.

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We control millions of tracks on behalf of our clients. We are trusted by the world’s leading independent music companies.

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Kompakt Limbo Music

Labelcamp provides excellent customer service with rapid response time, and has continued development of the platform itself to meet the needs of the market. Their dashboard is intuitive, enabling us to provide first rate access to our clients.

Peter J. Wright, CEO at Virtual Label

If you want real results, systematic improvements and developments – look no further than Labelcamp. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

Lily Lu, President at seed

As a global distribution company, Ditto is able to handle very large volumes of content through a supply chain that is fully integrated with the Labelcamp API. It has been a successful partner for many years in supporting our scaling efforts.

Shaun Little, COO at Ditto

We have been working with Labelcamp for the last 5 Years. It is easy to handle and to understand and the Team is really great and always helpful.

Gesine Schoenrock, Head of Digital at Kompakt

Since we have started working with Labelcamp they have proven to be a very reliable partner and have given service at a high level. Also they are always forward thinking with new developments in the ever changing landscape of the music industry.

Justin Tatipata, Marketing Manager at Be Yourself Music

Discover our features

1.Manage your assets, metadata & rights

Create new releases in just a few steps, and manage large catalogues with rich metadata and complex distribution rights.

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2.Handle daily release submissions

Collaborate with content owners through our submission dashboard for optimal distribution workflow.

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3.Deliver to any digital service or partner

Quickly, easily deliver content to any DSP in all asset and metadata formats, in accordance with the latest standards.

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4.Report and analyze revenues

Report digital and physical sales to your partners in a transparent manner, then analyze your revenue streams at the greatest degree of resolution.

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5.Track daily streams and playlists

Gain deep insights on daily consumption, thanks to granular data on usage, playlists and audiences.

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Our Partner

We connect our clients with hundreds of music services and databases.

Labelcamp -proudly a member of the DDEX consortium- delivers music to hundreds of music services, databases and collective societies. We are trusted as a Preferred Delivery Partner by Apple Music, Spotify and the Merlin Network, recognising the quality and efficiency of our content delivery.

Merlin Partner
Spotify Preferred Partner
Apple Preferred Encoding House
DDEX Member

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