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Labelcamp is developed by IDOL Tech Services, a subsidiary of IDOL, a totally independent digital distribution company with offices in Paris, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Johannesburg.

Founded in 2006, still fully owned and run by its founders, with no investors or major company funding, IDOL has built a very independent and sustainable model around its aim to be the best independent digital partner, providing the highest quality of service to independent producers, labels, and distributors.

Labelcamp originates from the group’s long-lasting expertise in the independent music distribution field, being one of the pioneer digital companies in the world. IDOL made the strategic choice to develop its in-house applications from day one, and is now strong with fifteen years of experience in handling vast quantities of digital content, with constantly growing amounts of data to process.

Along with its subsidiary IDOL Tech Services, IDOL is a boutique distributor, following an exclusive selective approach and offers a high level of marketing resources and personalised attention to its label partners.
This notably includes focused expertise on digital revenue optimization, community management coaching, campaign coordination, physical distribution and many other services.
IDOL’s label partners include prestigious names such as Erased Tapes, Glitterbeat, Godmode, Grand Management, HighNote, InFinĂ©, No Format, Proper Music Group, Record Makers, and SRD to name a few.

In parallel, IDOL Media focuses on creating meaningful and useful content that embodies the brand’s beliefs and values. It’s about taking the independent spirit of IDOL and applying the philosophy to its media.
IDOL Media’s biggest achievement to date is its online magazine PAM (Pan African Music), the go-to reference for African Music updates, insights, and culture. The hub is also running Getup, an independent media outlet fusing curated playlists with storytelling.

For more information about the IDOL ecosystem, please check out its corporate website at https://idol.io/.

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