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Features 12/05/2023
After months of effort, we have successfully completed a massive upgrade of our IT infrastructure, by moving all our operations to a fully cloud-based environment.

In 2006, when our mother company IDOL started building its own distribution platform, which would later become the Labelcamp application, it required just a few physical servers running next to our CTO’s desk.


Since then, the massive growth of the digital music market and our own business has led us to manage ever larger amounts of data on a daily basis, from gigabytes to terabytes and even petabytes for analysis: millions of tracks delivered, billions of lines from DSP reports processed, along with massive amounts of users connected to our apps and making hundreds of thousand calls to our delivery or analytics APIs every day.


While we have been doing a really great job for a few years living with a hybrid infrastructure that was a mix of on-premise and cloud services, we had to anticipate and make the move to a fully-cloud based solution to ensure the long-term reliability and scalability of our services.


This move was finally completed early this year (2023), after almost a year and a half of hard work from our, now highly qualified as DevOps, team. Labelcamp is using the most performing cloud providers on the market that make the application capable of offering the highest performances on every aspect of the service, from the navigation in-app to the response to our clients API calls or the scale and rapidity of our deliveries.


All this happened in the background for our users, but it is probably one of the most important changes ever made to our system, which ensures a bright future for our business and the highest satisfaction for our Labelcamp clients around the world!

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