TikTok daily data added to Trends

by Labelcamp Team

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Features 28/09/2022
TikTok daily data has just been added to the Trends analytics dashboard. Views of short videos on TikTok using your content have been categorized as "Fingerprint" type, while Creations now show up into the new "Content Production" type.

It is now possible to track usage of your music across your entire catalog on the TikTok platform! Daily usage data on the TikTok service has just been added to the Labelcamp’s Trends tool.


Any Views of UGC videos using your tracks can be found by filtering to the « Fingerprint » type, while we added a new « Content Production » type for tracking activity on UGC videos Creations.


By adding the usual artist or territory filters you can easily identify what artists have the most traction on TikTok, or in which territory their content is used in TikTok videos.


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