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Onboarding 07/03/2023
In the past few weeks, Labelcamp team has successfully completed onboarding and catalog migration of several new clients. We are very proud of welcoming Kahuna from Turkey, TSO Music Group in the USA, and Zojak Worldwide, a Miami-based global distributor.


Kahuna, the Turkish music company, is now enjoying Labelcamp and empowering their distributed labels with our suite of tools, including Daily Trends analytics, in a white-label environment.

“Kahuna is your partner in music business that takes things off your hands, giving you the power to create freely. We provide you with the services to widen your audience. With our team of expert music professionals, YouTube Certified creators and Tübitak-awarded technology, we are here to deliver on all fronts.


From strategy and planning to marketing, distribution and digital rights management, any service you need, we have it covered. We are here every step of the way.”


TSO Music Group

As an API client, the TSO Content Management and automated QC platform is now integrated with the Labelcamp REST API. They can enjoy full control of their releases and delivery management from their internal systems.


TSO Music Group is an independent music label and distribution platform. Their team also runs the Live Mixtapes, a leading hip hop mixtapes platform website, here to make and break the most talented new artists in the game.


Zojak Worldwide

Zojak, the global music distribution company, has chosen White-Label to provide unlimited user accounts to its worldwide distributed labels and artists, from the United States to India to Latin America.


Zojak World Wide is a full-service music publisher & digital music distribution company. We enter into contractual relationships with songwriters, music composers, artists, indie labels & producers for the commercial exploitation of music.


Zojak World Wide has been innovative in marketing and promotion and is a pioneer of animated videos through social media and maintains a strong online presence for independent music. Many artists and producers across the world sign with Zojak to maintain their copyright ownership and to take part in innovative marketing campaigns to keep them at the forefront of the music industry!


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