New feeds available: Kuaishou, Supernatural and Trebel

by Labelcamp Team

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Integration 15/03/2023
Labelcamp clients can benefit from the new distribution feeds to Kuaishou, Supernatural, and Treble to deliver their content.


Kuaishou, is a China-based leading content community and social platform, and a pioneer in the global short video industry. Kuaishou strives to build a warm and trustworthy community, which gives every person opportunities to be heard and seen.
Globally, Kuaishou is the second-largest short video platform by average Daily Active Users (DAUs), and the second-largest live streaming e-commerce platform by Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). It also launched Kwai, a similar platform for users outside China.



Supernatural, is a VR fitness app for Meta Quest headsets, launched in April of 2020 as a subscription-based.
Supernatural uses virtual reality to provide members with immersive health and wellness experiences. The connected fitness service integrates both mind and body movement into its daily sessions that include boxing, Flow (Supernatural’s full-body workout), guided meditations and recovery.



Trebel is the fastest growing music service in Latin America and the first entertainment soonicorn in the region.

‍This is the only app where users don’t pay and still can download songs, listen without the internet, and support artists through a business model sponsored by brands.


Merlin, the licensing agency for independents, announced in the last few months a partnership with Kuhaishou, Supernatural, and Trebel, allowing its participating members to distribute their catalogs to those services.
All Labelcamp clients, whether they go direct or use Merlin, can now integrate with Kuhaishou, Supernatural, and Trebel.


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